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Please spend time on registering your new Bunsen Air as a required part to the Warranty activation, and complete it online.Customer Data:

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General Conditions of Guarantee

• The product must be installed and commissioned in line with the manufacturers recommendations as set out in the installation manual and any other material. The guarantee must be activated within 15 days of commissioning by completing the guarantee card and returning it to the manufacturer. Solamics will not be able to provide free assistance under these terms if you do not activate your guarantee within 15 days of installation. This does not affect your statutory rights. The Guarantee Registration Form could be completed online at www.solamics.com/warranty. • The installer or sales company should always be the end-users first point of contact in the event of a breakdown or other malfunction of the product. Only if or when confirmed that there is a fault with the Product and not with the installation design or operation, then contact should be made with Solamics. • By this guarantee, the Bunsen panel has a 10 year guarantee AND Bunsen Air has a 2 year guarantee, in which it is on a ‘return to factory’ basis where the unit will be either repaired or replaced. ATTENTION: SOLAMICS is not responsible for any shipping costs associated with guarantee returns. SOLAMICS is not responsible for any technical assistance costs that even within the warranty period shall be supported by the customer themselves (Km and assistance time). In cases where there is no justifiable breakdown and subsequent need for technical assistance, the client will pay for lost technical assistance time. • The present guarantee does not have effect if the general conditions of sale have not been met between the supplier and the domestic end user for the specified equipment, or if the agreed payment terms have not been respected. The end user or customer does not have any right to make any claim for compensation during the time the equipment is damaged or under repair or for damages caused directly or indirectly. • IN ORDER FOR THE GUARANTEE TO TAKE EFFECT, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE GUARANTEE COMPLETED ONLINE REGISTRATION WITHIN 15 DAYS SINCE INSTALLATION AT: www.solamics.com/warranty

Warranty statement.

The Guarantee shall be null and void if any of the following takes place:

• Incorrect equipment is used for installation. • The equipment has been installed by staff other than an F Gas qualified engineer. • The equipment has been used for purposes other than those described in the use and deployment standards or in some way other than that recommended in the mentioned standards. • The usage and maintenance instructions have not been complied with. • Water supply for the unit that meets some of the following criteria: Chlorides content > 0.2ppm, pH value<6 or >9 (scale Sorensen a 25ºC), CaCO3 content >200 ppm, conductibility > 600 μS/cm (20ºC). In general water with values exceeding ceilings stipulated by related legislation in customer’s country. • Absence of security group in the inlet system according to the legislation. • System malfunction arising from improper installation of the hydraulic circuit components and/or buffer cylinder. • Installation of elements outside the specifications of the installation manual. • Damage resulting from improper anchoring equipment. • Unit malfunction due to lack of thermal insulation in the installation • Incorrect placement of Bunsen panel or appliance • The equipment has received an overload of any nature: electrical, water pressure etc. • Malfunctions brought about by chance or force majored: atmospheric, geological phenomena etc. • The equipment has not been delivered in its original box. • Damage from atmospheric and external agents: Freezing, dirt, transport, or accidental impacts. • Damage derived from an unusual supply of electricity, water or air (including over pressure and over voltage). • Damage caused by natural wear and tear in metal or plastic – levers, switches, resistances, programmers, thermostats, etc. • Breakdowns caused by the replacement of parts or elements not original or authorized in writing by the manufacturer. • Damage occurred by the unusual corrosion of the heat exchanger and/or the hydraulic circuit caused from reaction with the circulating fluid. • Damage derived from the installation itself. • Damage incurred by vandalism acts, war, fire, etc.